The Mar Menor is the only salt lagoon in Europe. Located in the Region of Murcia, in the South East of Spain and next to the Mediterranean Sea, has a unique fauna and has been practically a national and international tourist attraction. A vast extension of land around it was and still is destined for agriculture activities, more and more as time passed. This was good at the beginning: families gathered around its waters, having a relaxing and fun time.

In the last decade, the health of Mar Menor has decreased to a level in which animals and plants can no longer live. This is due to human activity: both tourism and unsafe agriculture. The residues have been spilled onto the water, causing a lack of oxygen to plants and hunger for animals. The odor in the area reflects the sea screaming for help. Many political groups have claimed for its salvation, but economic interest has prevailed.

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Author: Peñalver Martínez,