The Refugee Rally

A 30-day solidarity race in which you can symbolically run the kilometers traveled by the refugee and migrant population to reach their destination.

Our goals

Raise funds for the refugee and migrant population through your registration.

Raise awareness about this humanitarian crisis by generating content on your social networks. 

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How to participate?

Step 1: Build your team (max. 10 people)

Select the distance you will contribute to covering with your team during the 30 days of rally. You have 2 options: from Venezuela to Peru: 600 km. or from Syria to Greece: 1200 km. You can also participate from home covering your distance in minutes (10 min. = 1 km).

Step 2: Sign up on Strava

Download the app Strava (Android & iOS) and sign up so you can share your progress. If you choose the time mode, you must keep a manual record of your time invested.

Step 3: Complete the form

Register your team in our form (one form per team) and attach the donation ticket of each member. Donations may be made through the web of Refugee Action.

Step 4: Get moving!

Run, swim, cycle, get moving! Do not forget to register your progress!

Set 5: Get informed and share it!

Learn about the migrant and refugee crisis around the world. On this website you can find information based on the age, gender and diversity (AGD) approach.

Share what you learnon your social networks anduse our Instagram filters.

Do not forget to tag @iagforchange, @refugeeaction and use the hashtag #iag4refugees

Step 6: Get your certificate

You have until July 19, 2021 to complete the rally. If so, you will receive your Digital Certificate of Participation that will certify your solidarity with the refugee and migrant population.

What will I receive when I register?

Your entire team will be added to a Drive folder where you will have access to the following documents: “Record your progress”, “Participant commitment”, “Personal information” and “Rally News – How are we doing?”

Find information here!


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