When Do We Celebrate It?

World Religion Day is celebrated on 21 January and was set up by the Bahà’ì community in 1950, despite this day does not belong to the tradition of any faith

How Important Is the Role of Religion?

Religions have always been important since ancient times. It is an occasion in which people of different faiths come together through dialogue, tolerance, and service respectfully

Why Do People Believe in God?

  • We all find ourselves at one time or another asking ourselves ‘Does God really exist’?
  • In fact, it is a very complicated question as we do not have any physical evidence, and therefore we rely on the trust we feel in him. Many people answer this question with a firmly: YES!
  • This relationship with God can be very strong, as it helps people to believe that there is always a way out, there is always a solution to a problem, just don’t lose faith

How Many Different Religions Are There in The World?

The main religions that were showed up are:

Bahai, Sikhism, Christianity, Ayyavazi, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Judaism, Paganism, Hinduism, and they were accompanied by a phrase of peace and faith: “God is the source of all religions.”

What about Heaven?

Here are the different interpretations of Heaven


Judaism – a fence of roses, at the center there is the Life’s tree in which the greatest pleasure is to walk in the company of God


Islam – you enter a pleasure garden where food and water abound, there are beautiful virgins and all loved ones too


Buddhism – land strewn with lotus flowers and lakes and the chosen ones have beautiful clothes, there are no human women but only water lilies


Hinduism – different paradises, places where after a short stay you take a new life by returning to earth. In paradise there are only perfect bodies, you eat with a good appetite and you dedicate yourself to pleasure


Christianity – it is described as ‘The Heavenly Jerusalem’ surrounded by solid walls guarded by angels, with the throne of God and the tree of life in the center

?Rest of the world team?

Author: Mademoiselle Sarah